Things I learned from my father

1. Never sleep with anyone you wouldn't have children with.
2. Don't fight, leave. (my dad's first marriage ended when he left for work, and didn't come back)
3. Wherever you're going, bring clean underwear and a book.
4. Smile at people, call them something cute.
5. Every distance is "walking distance", if you've got the time.
6. Books are best read from the middle.
7. Don't spend your time on poor literature and boring people.
8. Best things in life are free.
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things I thought

Collapse )Things with a peculiar calm about them:
collection of Euro News idents

yes, porcelain cupcakes

A smattering of things I thought were beautiful:

Joseph Eckberg, art nouveau ceramics.

Things I've been attempting:

I threw this bowl and loathed it. I started trimming it and hated it some more (went through the bottom while I was at it), but then I took it home and put a bottom on it, trimmed it and carved what I now see as a fairly endearing pattern.
Let's see how well it'll fire and take glaze.

From the world of overwhelmingly bizarre:
Ginger Dawn - a Flash game, where your ginger-haired character wanders round what looks like a council estate, shagging everything in sight in attempt to produce as many ginger babies as possible.
The official pitch is to teach our young about recessive genes (some of the people who may father or mother ginger babies are themselves not ginger), but running around council estates and leaving screaming babies in your wake comes a close second.
I'm not a moralist, but I still lol'd.

Well, and this is just clever

a mug for warming one's clammy little fingers

the calm

Having handmade things around the house is really a gift. My ceramics class will run out on Monday, and I brought most of my pots home.
I spread them about my room - some on the coffee table, some holding my tea, others - holding my stuff.
Stuff invades and engulfs. Safety pins beget more safety pins. Hair bands sneak off into a dark corner and add to their brood.
Now, there is a box to contain them.
There's at least a dozen pieces and not a single one is perfect, but they all seem to make sense to me now, their imperfections have a reason.
I feel peace.

Be well in the new year, everybody. Make things, break things. Make mistakes, enjoy them, and learn from them.

my day as a guinea pig

So, to make sure I'd actually be back in business after this conga line of knacks and twinges, I started tracking my diet again.
Me being me, of course I have a neat little piece of software for that; and, software being software, it remembers what I ate when I've had to track my diet last. Things have changed - I neither cook as much or for as many people, but some things remain - I'm still consistently overkilling the sodium. No surprise, really - I love sour, salty and spicy things far more than one's usual kryptonite package of fats and sweets.
But out of curiosity, innocent curiosity, I've decided to live one day with as little sodium as possible - no cheese, no lox, no baked goods, no Tabasco, no salad dressing. I'm only allowing myself 1/4 teaspoon of kosher salt for lentils (half of which I already had) and possibly, baked potatoes on top of the sodium already dissolved in tap water and dairy products (170 milligrams in a cup of plain yogurt, yep). My first day as a guinea pig hasn't seen me do very much differently - same bowl of oatmeal for breakfast (1.5 cup oats, 1 cup oat bran, 1.5 cup of milk, 2 tablespoons of flaxseed meal, 0.5 cup hot water and one tablespoon of each honey and sunflower seeds), same cup of yogurt, same apple, same ocean of tea + 1 cup of cooked lentils for lunch.
So far I feel... very dizzy.
Not the same sort of zoning-out drowsiness I'd get from NSAIDs - I do think I can function mentally and I am hoping to get something done today. Nevertheless, this is puzzling to me - I remember how great I felt those many years ago when I parted with fast food, but this..? Perhaps the amount of tea I drink was evening out my overconsumption of salt - you know, those vices that walk hand in hand?
And now without the dubious benefit of that great cellular pressure regulator - sodium, I get to feel like a water balloon. Sweet...
If I do manage to get through this Day of the Guinea Pig and not faint say, on my way from the library, sum everything up and come up under par, I'll try to do this as a long-term project.
As one of my professors liked to say "Are most of your rats still alive? Good! You may continue the experiment". most, I love that, don't you?
5.30 Come dinnertime, I'm no longer drowsy, but still spacey, and, as opposed to earlier, extremely hungry. Hmm... As images of food float merrily around my head and make tweety noises, I'm torn between going to the market, acquiring, some oh I don't know, swiss chard, mustard greens, habaneros, sage, parsnips, jicama; and cooking them -- dreamy pause -- or just eating whatever's left of my lentils and contemplate beet salad (don't knock it till you try it, son).
Or take two fukitol on an empty stomach with eight ounces of water and go to the library, where none of these tough choices exist...
No, I already know where that gets me.

7.14 Food? Yes? No? Maybe?? Kind of???!!! case in point:
This is me, I'm the rabbit, and yes, I do love carrots this much. I am a hungry monster.
Come on, you and I both know I couldn't have put that ^^ under the cut, too cute.
Times are tough, I hope you're well.
-- w


In defence of Rafa

You know, I often feel that way too.
Like I want to tell the world exactly what I think about it, not sparing any adjectives.
Do I tell anyone about it? Ah...
Well, there's the difference - I'm just some girl and Rafa is the Liverpool manager - somebody actually listens to him.
So Rafa's rant ends up in the papers, causing bit of grief; while I... while there I am, in the bath tub, relaying my "facts" to a rubber duck.

Happy Dr. King Day!

A man I will admire indefinitely was born eighty years and four days ago. Some may say he was plagued by his own many foibles we never hear about, others - that the Civil Rights Movement would have ran its course and succeeded whether or not he were ever born, but...
He eloquently and irrevocably stated what was true all along, he fought for that truth, and ultimately died for it, but we may never forget.

sorry, sappy post... it's just. it's something I feel very strongly about, it's hard for me to put something more sophisticated than a soup recipe or something more pertinent than a missing button into coherent sentences.


different color, same species. And let such things never divide us again.
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oh cock...

So, cause and effect are wonderful things. Unless they're biting my ass right at this moment.
They are.

We went to play footy at Trump's golf course. We played for three hours, saw everybody's dogs, it was a wonderful day all around.
.. : :Enter Stupid: : ..

then we had the shining idea of going to Souplantation straight after. Stick it to the man, be sweaty, eat your way through the joint.
Sounds dispicable, I needn't be told, but yeah - be sweaty, eat your way through the joint, sit by the door(?!)

Needless to say, I've been sick as a dog for almost two days now.

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I miss...

...pizazz? intensity? excitement?
One of those three. I spent about an hour looking at pictures of colorful things, no reason - it just felt nice.
I have a jar of jelly beans on my desk - I don't eat them, I simply stare at them in reverie, because they're so.. SO.
My yarn bin is full of green, white, blue, gray, green, more green, cream, more shades of blue and some dusty rose I still don't know what to do with.
What am I hankering for? Orange? I have orange, it's a bit hard to wear.
I open my closet and there it is... blue, blue, green, white, gray, brown, and dusty rose I still don't know what to wear with.
I know! I need kool-aid, but I won't drink it. I'll stare at it dye with it. Yes, that will work ;)
What do I really? I don't know... loud music, infatuation, fascination, people, images, stories, adventures.
I was never against either 'bland' or 'boring' so long as it's good for me, but I guess now I know why I blanket my lentils in cayenne pepper.

...pain and aching. I'm serious.
No, not the whips-major surgery-stress fractures-dominatrix kind. No, graces, no!
Just the garden variety soreness you feel after not doing anything physical for quite a long time, then running a mile or two, or bench-pressing most of your weight - I don't know.
I stopped running a fair while ago, but I haven't stopped exercising in general - I still do it daily, but I guess I need what those smart books call overload. Or what my step-brother's coach affectionately refers to as "hell week".
Does that mean I'm soon to play [grid-iron] football? I sure hope not... but it might take some ingenuity.

You know what's wonderful though? Tash's Christmas card came in =) *bounce bounce bounce* It actually must have come around Boxing Day, but I haven't been around to see it until fairly recently.
Cara, grazi. buon Natale :) and wow, Australian stamps are pretty.
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And I was having such a good morning, until -

George W. Bush is ending his presidency in characteristically aggressive fashion (...) By the time he vacates the White House, he will have issued a record number of so-called 'midnight regulations' - so called because of the stealthy way they appear on the rule books (...)
One rule will make it easier for coal companies to dump debris from strip mining into valleys and streams. The process is part of an environmentally damaging technique known as 'mountain-top removal mining'. It involves literally removing the top of a mountain to excavate a coal seam and pouring the debris into a valley, which is then filled up with rock. The new rule will make that dumping easier.

Also on the plate - concealed and loaded weapons in national parks, coal power plants much closer to them, 'religious reasons' for denying medical help and "self-regulation" for fishing and farming industries.
Nice, isn't it? These will take years to overturn.